One of the key areas where Western culture differs from other parts of the world involves the acceptance of women into public or formal educational programs.  Historically, most women have embraced the difficult job of being mothers and managing home life while their spouse would labor outside the home to support the family.

In the United States, it wasn’t until the beginning of the 20th century that most public secondary schools (high schools) and colleges became predominantly coeducational.  Aside from equal rights, this change developed with respect to the consideration that women who attend secondary schools and colleges will be better suited to educate their children as they grow, improving society overall.

Sadly, Western culture has now come to the point where pregnancy is viewed as a disease, a condition in need of “healthcare” in the form of abortion services.  This disease mentality has become a type of ammunition in the battle over women’s rights and what constitutes appropriate access to healthcare.  Many will not accept that the life of every human being begins at conception, a well-established scientific fact.

When our morality is based on our laws, for as long as abortion is legal, killing another human being can be viewed as simply as a choice that favors an education, a relationship, or the likelihood of future happiness.  Unfortunately, the wrong involved with taking the life of an innocent human being may never be fully realized until our laws reflect it.  Moreover, although we have the freedom to have sex whenever, however and with nearly whomever we choose, when new life results, as it naturally should, there is no legal obligation to take responsibility for that newly conceived boy or girl.

With respect to religious liberty, when the abortion of a boy or girl is sought, it is increasingly difficult, if not impossible, for a healthcare provider to conscientiously object without jeopardizing their job security.

The laws of our society that uphold the right to life of all innocent human beings won’t be changed until our leaders insist on recognizing that right.  And, that probably won’t happen until enough people elect prolife candidates into office.  Sadly, many voters favor issues like healthcare, immigration and the economy over the right to life.  Can there be any more important issue than honoring the right to life of all innocent human beings?

Medicare and Social Security depend on a growing population in order to function –the birth rate has declined in the U.S. over the last 30 years while divorce rates have increased.  The number one cause of poverty is divorce.

Americans are saturated with cultural attitudes favoring quick hook-ups, where sex is seen as one of many recreational activities, something to be enjoyed as one “test-drives” someone, while on their way to developing a career and in the pursuit of happiness.  Since there is less value placed on purity and abstinence in preparation for marriage, the bonding that intimacy should create in the context of marriage is weakened.  For the most part, as long as it’s consensual and legal, no harm, no foul… or so we’re often deceived into believing.

Our culture has suffered greatly and may be in its final hour.  Instead of a culture that embraces courtship as the proper means to discerning suitability towards marriage, one that treats sex as an activity exclusive to couples who have committed their lives to each another, who respect the possibility of new life and family, we have a culture where abortion mills operate adjacent to fast food restaurants.  Instead of more churches that often help to establish that sanctity of life and the importance of family, we have more pornography outlets and divorce courts.  Just as church and family often go hand in hand, so does pornography and divorce.

If Americans are leading the world, what precedent are we setting towards respecting the intrinsic dignity of human life?  Is a society that legalizes the murder of thousands of helpless human beings fit to lead the world?  Do we really believe that every innocent human being is endowed by their Creator with an inalienable right to life?

In our fast paced, technological savvy American way of life, we believe we’ve earned the right to be the world’s greatest advocates for truth, justice and freedom.  And yet, we take for granted or deny the very foundation that has established those values and freedoms.

Regardless of how advanced our science and technology become, truth that leads us to love one another and respect the basic rights of human life will never become “outdated.”  Last year’s TV, car and phone are another story.  For how long will the latest version of these products be our first concern?  When will we value our spiritual development as a nation over our GDP?  When will we see that the “evolution” of mankind is not found in her scientific and technological achievements but in her moral perfection?

If the presence of a Starbucks near a home increases its resale value, how much does the presence of a church increase family values?  When will adoration chapels be more popular than coffee shops?

Did you know that the gender of a person can be determined from the moment of their conception?  What rights should an unborn girl have?