May the fragrance of flowers accompany my passing,
Such is the hope of every Christian,
Not death nor decay, no not for me
But Trinity within me,
and Queen of heaven,
and Angels and Saints,
Physically, incorruptibly

Perhaps like Neo in the Matrix
Always in spring,
Always a beautiful sunrise,
But sealed with a diamond ring,
Still here today, but always with King and Queen

‘The last will become first, the first will become last,’
says He
Is this just a construct of my mind,
as William of Ockham might suggest, or
an absolute reality,
a form,
a state of the universe,
and all within it,
for a given moment of time?

Suppose a thought,
a disposition,
an emotional state,
is not just within your mind,
within the one experiencing it,
but like an aura,
an electromagnetic energy that surrounds you,
sending ripples through the universe,
clear to some,
whether angel or demon,
but not so apparent to flesh and blood perceptions.

Such would be true
if one holds to a Platonic view,
that that connecting what is true,
to me and you,
within our present view,
Is but a shadow
a shadow of the true reality,
within the world of Forms.
Heaven is for Real.

Most of us,
in seeing what our thoughts might look like,
might see words,
represented by characters of the alphabet,
strung together to form a sentence,
two dimensional,
time dependent,
black and white.

Imagine to an angel,
a greater insight,
an intuitive knowledge,
colors and shapes,
and combinations thereof,
each representing a concept or disposition,
each within a human soul,
past and present,
as though pages of a book.
And speak angel to angel,
a heavenly communication,
filled by constant praise,
embodied by Him,
within and throughout,
for the angels and saints,
always marked by,
or ending in,
beauty and harmony,
prayer unceasing.

Whereas, the thoughts and machinations of Satan
and the evil ones who follow,
as blackness and misery,
utter desolation, sorrow, suffering and sadness.
And suffering.

Imagine that the potential stains against a soul,
stains created by sin,
mark it with colors in shapes,
which demons might perceive,
this explaining why,
in cases of possession,
secrets or past sins,
are revealed,
often spoken,
without movement of
mouth or
of the one being possessed,
with foul odors filling the room,

Oh, thank God for His mercy!,
for His atoning sacrifice,
Body and Soul,
Blood and Divinity,
for baptism and confession,
for the chance to be born again,
to lift the sins that stain the soul,
before it all,
in this apparent reality,
comes to an end.



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