When I was in high school I remember reading a passage from one of St. John’s books for the first time, describing how God is love.  What a simple way to describe God… love. 

Most people know what love is, most have likely experienced it directly, whether through a random act of kindness from a complete stranger or in seeing the sacrifices their parents made time and time again so that they might have a place to live, food to eat, clothes to wear and even a few Christmas and birthday presents. 

Just how present is God in the world today, whether in the heart of a Christian, Buddhist, atheist, Muslim or agnostic?

If God is love, how can love be cultivated?  If human beings are made in God’s image but broken in some fundamental way, i.e. if it’s true that the effects of Original Sin prevent a person from knowing God as close as they otherwise might, how can this be corrected?

Well, if it’s true that God is love and that God formed the universe, it follows naturally that after mankind had been marked for death through disobedience, through the trickery of the devil, He’d enable us to be transformed, to be born again! 

If it’s true that God is love, it’s also true that he’d take care of us, that he’d send us a solution.  And what do you know, He sent us Himself!  Love became incarnate in a virgin womb!  Today we celebrate that day, the day Love took on human flesh, ultimately showing us the Way, the Truth and the Life! 

Thank God He has given us His Bride so that we may learn how to best cultivate love, so that He may dwell in as we become what we eat, the Body and Blood of Christ! 

While many people likely know love and hope to cultivate it, and probably do very well through family, friends, a variety of faiths and practices, perhaps they’ll never do it quite as well as those who come to know and follow in the footsteps of Love Himself, people like Francis of Assisi, Theresa of Calcutta, Padre Pio of Petrelcina, Maximillian Kolbe or Karol Józef Wojtyła of Poland! 

May your Christmas be merry, a special time to cultivate Him!


Image source: http://allgodwallpaper.com/?titile=god-is-love-images-and-wallpaper