When the American Founding Fathers designed our triad system of government, they did so without the knowledge of the capabilities of modern communications, i.e. radio, television and internet, and without a method of ascertaining the intellectual capabilities of individual citizens.  Such technologies can better enable a government of, by and for the people.

Imagine a country where citizens weigh in on important issues after reviewing the facts surrounding those issues, where their votes matter directly.  Moreover, imagine important issues being divided among educated and mature citizens throughout all states such that at least one hour per week, for as many weeks as are necessary, that citizen learns about that issue and then proposes a solution or votes on one already presented.

In regards to national protection, states be united with other states in forming a national military capable of protecting the basic rights of all innocent people, those citizens living within those states but abroad as well, i.e. those who cannot defend themselves against tyranny and injustice.

When will collaboration among citizens occur in such an efficient manner that networks of connected citizens and/or statesmen can collaborate on important decisions and take those votes to the capital, whether in Washington DC or elsewhere?  If our current federal government is largely ineffective, if partisan loyalties extensively divide and hinder progress, cannot important decisions be made through tallying majority votes among states according to its citizens, where such citizens are capable of learning the facts surrounding important issues in an efficient manner through modern information technology?

Perhaps this truly would be the best form of government given the difficulties we’ve had with collaboration in our federal government, and especially in light of religious liberties that have been encroached upon in states by the Federal government, as seen through policies that might prevent the retention and expression of the belief that all innocent human life is sacred and should be protected from the moment of conception.