One of the biggest “life” attitudes people form depends on how they view the nature of human beings… are they fundamentally good or evil?

For those who come from a loving family, who’ve grown up in countries where there is justice and the rule of law, the attitude that people are basically good comes easily.  Conversely, for those who’ve only known corrupt governments, who’ve been neglected, abused or mistreated by trusted loved ones, attitudes of distrust are likely, attitudes that people are basically evil.

What attitudes would be embraced by those who’ve been enslaved?  How would the Israelites, who were enslaved for generations, view the rulers and sources of authority in Egypt?  How would most Egyptians view the Israelites?  What would formulate their viewpoint?  Is one group better than the other?  If so, why?  If not, why?

What does it take to grow up in a loving family?  What kind of sacrifices must parents be willing to make?  How can future parents cultivate an attitude of sacrifice that is often necessary for children to grow up in a stable and loving home?  Or, what common denominator exists in societies governed by law so that justice and inalienable rights prevail?  Is it reasonable to say that those societies and families that are successful always embrace an element of truth, and that this element is within the nature of God?

Conversely, given a natural order, beauty and harmony noticeable within life, and knowing that loving families and just societies are more beautiful and harmonious than those that are unloving and unjust, is it reasonable to say that God is love and that beauty and harmony are manifestations of His love?

Is there beauty and harmony in the love that occurs between a man and a woman when such love leads to an abortion?  Can the taking of another human life be justified through a romantic experience a couple might have had?  What about in relation to “adult entertainment”… is it justified in relation to the risk it presents in weakening the goodwill of marriage in society, leading to more abortions?  If not, should it be illegal?  Are families the nucleus of good, functioning societies, a strong support for justice and the inalienability of human rights?

Is there beauty and harmony in the love that occurs when a man and woman are bound together through marriage, committing themselves to one another whether in sickness or in health, committing themselves to accept the responsibility that comes with sexual intercourse, honoring such intimacy by welcoming any children that may result?  Would such couples be reflecting the beauty found in the order of nature?  Who has the authority to determine what is natural and ordered in regards to human sexuality?

If a person believes that there is a Creator, if they believe that this Creator began to reveal himself through the people of Israel, ultimately preparing the world for the birth of Jesus, the only man conceived by the power of the Holy Spirit and born of a virgin, a birth perhaps no less miraculous than the Big Bang, what is the likelihood that they will develop a proper attitude towards life, towards beauty and harmony in human relationships?

If this person, this Jesus of Nazareth who claimed to be one with God, made all human beings in His image, how does the concept of sin fit with an attitude that all human beings are basically good?