Time stood still.  The earth unfolded, flat like a piece of paper.  The waters over all the face of the earth disappeared and the material surroundings that barred one’s view from the sky silently melted away as though hit by a wave from a nuclear blast.

The body and souls of all the living became small as though atoms on a pinhead, gathered together in the center of the face of the earth that had been unfolded like a paper ball.  The presence of the Lord appeared with great glory as though the sun were falling through the clouds.  Thunder pierced the air and all who were standing unready for this great moment, who mocked Him and the warnings of His return, fell on their knees.  Those who had entered the sleep of death were awoken.  They arose from beneath the earth, gathering together with those who were still living, still awake.

The cries of those who had been unjustly treated, who had not known justice while living, were heard first.  Writhing screams shook the earth and pierced hearts.  Those who had perpetrated their injustices grew cold, as though frost settled on the interior chambers of their heart, seizing its muscles and making their breath labored and difficult.

The cries of those who were sad, who felt downcast and neglected their whole life were heard next.  Those who had been given much but failed to give back, failed to love others as themselves, who continued living as though there were no God, greedy and possessive of everything they thought was their own… chills traveled down their spine.  The time of recompense had arrived.  They cried out in fear and sadness as the hardness of their hearts dawned upon them, as the ignorance of their ways overshadowed them.

When the cries subsided, the saints who were with the angels that surrounded the Lord in His great glory came upon the earth.  The fragrance of their beauty and love filled the air.  They began ministering to those who were abused and sad and to those who were bent on wickedness, whose hearts were hardened.  The prayers the saints had made for those souls who had turned away from the Lord joined with those who were still living at the time of the coming of the Lord, who remained in the mystical Body of Christ, surrounding each of them as though radiant jewels, casting brilliant colors in all directions.

As the fragrance and radiance of the saints filled the air, the love of the Lord for all those who turned away from Him fell gently as drops of rain, soothing hardened hearts and warming those that had grown cold, ministering to those who were sad and those who had been unjustly treated who had not seen justice while living.  Many turned their hearts towards the Lord as these final prayers drew out coldness and bitterness.  Many of those who were abused, unjustly treated and filled with melancholy were able to forgive those who had wronged them and many had become cheerful.

Those who would not turn from their ways, who had grown so darkened by sin, who were unable to forgive those who had wronged them, who could desire nothing for anyone but themselves, were drawn away from those who were ready, from those who were willing to forgive and from those who could and did.  The darkness that enveloped them could not be pierced by the bright light that was before them, nor the beautiful arrays of colors and scents made by the prayers of the saints, by those in the Body of Christ who offered their good works and their suffering for the release of sinners from darkness and sin.  The harmony of the choirs of angels would not move them.

Time stood still, love remained.  Lost loved ones were reunited.  Glorified bodies, free from death, not subject to the elements though capable of experiencing them, emerged.  Joy replaced sorrow and peace that transcends understanding prevailed.  The brightness of the glory of the Lord was in the midst of all those who had been righteous, of those who feared the Lord.  They ascended to the places that had been prepared for them.

The light and love of the Lord continued to reach into the depths of the earth, reaching for those who were unable or unwilling to leave the darkness that enveloped them.  From time to time, souls emerged, each according to a time set by the Lord, a time proportionate to the darkness they created that had enveloped them, each according to their willingness to turn their hearts to light and love.

Satan, the angel of light, the fallen angel whose truth appeared true but was not, who was once so powerful and exalted as a leader among the choirs of angels, deceiving God’s children with clever sophistries that worked their minds like a baker works a measure of dough, was banished forever, cast into the bottomless pit along with all his followers.