All great countries agree that it is wrong to take the life of another human being in nearly all circumstances except those arising from self-defense and war, and even those instances can get someone in trouble depending on the situation.

America, which often leads the world in recognizing and protecting human rights, now leads through House Speaker John Boehner, who refuses to allow a vote that would ultimately result in funding the Affordable Care Act.

Proponents of the Affordable Care Act who are in positions of leadership, namely President Obama and Senator Majority Harry Reid, refuse to further discuss the possibility of recognition for conscience rights in those who don’t want to be involved with the destruction of human life, whether directly as healthcare providers or through taxpayer or employer funded abortion products and services.

Back in 2011 the government almost shutdown over the same issue.  The Washington Times published an article highlighting this issue in April of 2011.

In listening to callers from around the country on CSPAN, it is clear that many don’t realize the importance this issue has in contributing to a government shutdown.  Don’t get me wrong, helping to build a financially responsible country is of vital importance, and many fears associated with our government spending more money than it can afford are justified.  But the most important issue in the long-term is our attitude towards human life.  Moreover, with a regularly declining birth rate, we are less likely to truly solve our dwindling Medicare and Social Security budgets because there won’t be enough of a younger generation to support the old.

Why is it so hard for so many American’s to understand the reasons for the shutdown and the inability of Mr. Boehner to budge on this issue?  The reason is simple… we rely on our eyes more than our intellect.

For example, a one day old child doesn’t look the same as a 10 year old child or a 25 year old man.  For the most part, assuming one doesn’t live under a Darwinian regime that sees one race superior to another, it’s easy to see why killing a 10 year old child or an adult is wrong: they’re in the image of most other children and adults –an assault on one of these could have been an assault on any one of us.  But, killing a one day old child in his or her mother’s womb, or even a 20 week old child, is not so easy to compare… it’s easier to justify this killing because he or she doesn’t have the appearance the rest of the thinking world has.

And yet, no one would advocate killing a 10 year old child because he or she is still dependent on mom for survival, or because there are potentially too many people in the world, or because mom can’t find the financial and emotional support she needs from dad, family or friends, or because the 10 year old isn’t as developed as a 25 year old man.

If the primary criteria for what makes a civilized country civilized is its respect for human life, than the majority of Americans need not only come to terms with the truth that escapes the eye, but effectively enact it through its policies –she must respect human rights, from the moment of conception to natural death.

I thank God that Mr. Boehner has stood up to oppose certain aspects of the Affordable Care Act.  I hope Senator Reid and President Obama will concede to revise the Affordable Care Act, possibly enact H.R. 7: No Taxpayer Funding for Abortion.

I believe healthcare reform is appropriate for America to help those with pre-existing conditions and potentially reduce costs by requiring the 48 million uninsured to have insurance, but I’m not in favor of any reform that requires Americans to violate their conscience and the rights of fellow human beings.  No informed American should support and pay for reform with such an injustice. Can we see the beating heart of an unborn child?  Can we see his or her DNA, the same DNA he or she will have for the rest of his or her life?

Our religious beliefs have helped our country grow in civility by fostering respect for human life.  Since man is made in God’s image, the shedding of innocent blood is viewed as a direct offense against the Creator.

Conversely, many countries that lack this providential understanding of human life, or have beliefs that inconsistently differ in this respect, often suffer from wars and insurrections, or are in a regular state of suppressing public dissension, freedom of worship and the press.  A great government should not only respect and protect human life, it should never force its people to violate beliefs that uphold the sacredness of all human beings.